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We started making and selling

Squire Mountain Tub Cheese in 1996.

We began in our kitchen in Fryeburg, Maine. Today we produce in a 2,100 square foot facility.

We developed the "Squire Mountain Tub Cheese" product  over thirty years ago. We discovered that most cheese spreads broke crackers. After experimenting we  developed tub cheese. The term " tub cheese" comes from the historical way in which cheese was once fashioned in wooden tubs for the purpose of aging cheese.


The Squire Mountain Brand name was a reflection of where we lived in Fryeburg. We had mountainous views and lived high on a hill, therefore Mountain was one part of the name. Paul liked the name Squire meaning gentleman of the mountain, thus SQUIRE MOUNTAIN.


Paul distributes 'Squire Mountain Tub Cheese to a warehouse, supermarkets, small stores and farmstands.


Since we started we are producing more and have added  floor mixers, labeling equipment and a heat tunnel to seal the covers on the containers. In addition we have introduced UPC codes and our registered Trademark for "Squire Mountain Tub Cheese".


SQUIRE MOUNTAIN TUB CHEESE is a Maine State inspected and  FDA inspected product.


We began with the" Original Cheddar Tub Cheese". Over the years we have developed new flavors which has grown our business to sales of over two million tubs of cheese.


Today we are still busy trying to expand, increase our customer base and improve our products.

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