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Over the years we keep getting email comments from our CUSTOMERS...we have just started our 22nd year in any small business there are many times when the going is a little has been the comments from our CUSTOMERS which have kept us making Squire Mountain Tub Cheese....your love of our cheese and your many "thanks" for doing a good job have been encouraging...thought you might want to read some comments:

"You have a great product!  I wish Hannaford still carried it at the very least.  I will have to make a point to go to the Cape IGA.  What Hannaford has on the shelf does not even come close to your they loose that potential sale of chips, crackers and fresh veggies"    

It could not be better said than that.

"I was so excited to read about your cheese in the Press Herald a few weeks ago that I went right out and bought two tubs!....Happiness is Squire Mountain tub cheese."

"Please house desperately requires garlic/herb spread..thank you"

"I just wanted to drop a line and praise you on your product.  I came across them at Pineland Farms.  Your white cheddar/horseradish is amazing.  I also enjoy the cheddar/bacon.  I could easily make a habit of your spreads regardless of flavor.  I will be trying more next week.  Thanks again for all you do!"

"Hi there I reside in Pittsfield, NH and am so hooked on your horseradish cheese....I cannot live without it!!!  Thanx"

"Hello I recently travel to New Hampshire and stumbled across the most delicious cheese I Have ever tasted.  We couldn't find the local grocery store on our first outing so we stopped at a little country store(don't know the name) in around the Lincoln area to pickup breakfast supplies.  Our intention was to pickup cream cheese for bagels until I spied the Squire Mountain Bacon Cheddar cheese and decided to pick up the 6oz size. BEST decision Ever!! It was the best cheese I have ever eaten.  Needless to say we ate the whole tub before leaving.  We went back to the store to get more but were devastated to find they had sold out.  We did manage to get two small tubs so that was very exciting.  Do you ship to Canada?  I would love some more of this delightful cheese!" 

"I was in Maine to escape Hurricane Irma...I discovered your spreadable cheese and LOVE it.  My favorite is the bacon cheddar!!"

"hello can I buy your cheese in MASS love love love it"

"Hi there, just wanted to let you know I just bought 3 different styles of your tub cheese  tonight (cheddar, port wine and garlic and herb)  I tried all of them and found all three incredibly delicious!!!  Kuddos on the garkic and herb flavor!!  Thank you so much and keep up the great work." - Kim

"Hi, Just wanted to let you know the Squire Mountain Cheddar Tub Cheese is our absolute favorite spreadable cheese..."

"I just discovered your tub cheese at Vista Foods in Laconia, NH.  Oh yummy.  I purchased a little tub of port wine to try out and I will be back to try the other flavors.  I love your story and that you live on a mountain like me.  I, however, will be taking your cheese on 4 wheeling treks with my elite group of friends....thank you for the cheese and hard work."

"Good afternoon, as I sit eating your port wine  cheese,  I decided to look you guys up online.  You're in Standish!  I grew up in Gorham and live in New Gloucester.  I love your port wine cheese and never knew it came from Maine! ....thanks for the product!!!"


"I bought your tub cheese for the first time while on vacation in NH last week at Grant's in Glen.  Your Olive & Pimento is so delicious!  I bought two big tubs to take home to Vermont.  Thanks for a great product."


"Hi!  I recently purchase three of your cheese(Horseradish, Cheddar and Port Wine) at a specialty store in Newmarket, NH... We took them to our friends home as an appetizer.  They were a hit!  Thanks again for making such delicious cheese!" 

Thank you for over 25 years of support! The overwhelming 
 response from our customers thru the years has kept us motivated and to work hard in making Squire Mountain Tub Cheese!

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